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Edited from my post on Afflift titled – “What is the $$$ possibility of Evadav’s CPA? Click to find out” — If you want access, sign up to afflift here.

As everyone is stuck at home trying to find new ways to make money I thought I’d share a little success I’ve had lately…

As some of you may already know from my previous case study “How I Built a Push List That Makes Me $xxx/day as a Small Time Affiliate” collecting push sub is my forte so when the Evadav CPA discussion came about in Afflift I was already testing this at a very small scale. At first I didn’t think it would amount to much since payouts were mostly less than 1 cent and the numbers people were doing on follow alongs were on the low side. However to my surprise I was able to achieve this in the end:

(Not sure if you can see the numbers but I included my day by day stat breakdown at the end)

My highest revenue day was $656 on Evadav but of course revenue doesn’t mean anything if there aren’t any profits. So checking my tracker I got…

Last 7 days in my tracker:
Revenue: $3,255
Cost: $2,444
Profit: +$811
ROI: +33%

This meant I was averaging $100+ profit a day with over 10,000+ conversions and quickly became one of Evadav’s top CPA pub.

Also at this point I didn’t even run the campaigns anymore as I taught a VA to do all the work and they’ve been running it for the last 2 weeks already which is why things exploded since I got someone to dedicate all their time to it.

Hopefully this would inspire others that even if the offer pays $0.01 there are ways to get it to make $100+ a day!

Day by day breakdown of the chart above: