About Us

Ever have an agency spend thousands of dollars on an online marketing campaign and have them boast about how much social engagement they got you? Only then to realize that none of it converted into any god damn sales…

Serious feels like setting money on fire.

We know that feeling as we’ve set money on fire too (figuratively). As we have historically been indepedent media buyer/affiliates.

That is why we are not your traditional marketing agency. We don’t focus on vanity metrics like clicks, likes and shares. We only care about what you care about; your bottomline.

We pride ourselves on being a performance focused marketing agency and aim to align our interest with yours so that we only make money if you make money. But because of this, our services isn’t suited for every business. 

We view any project as a partnership and will also screen any businesses we work with in order to ensure we can deliver the results that we both want. Generally our process works as follows:

STEP 1 – Due Diligence

We need to figure out what you do and how your business works. We will then see if we can provide impactful and traceable services to your business.


Step 1
Step 2

STEP 2 – Alignment of Interest and Proposal

If we think your business is a viable partner, we will then out together a proposal that will clearly align our interests so that we are incentivized to provide you with the best performance possible.



At this point we work together to execute on the proposed plan outlined in step 2. We work closely with our partners setting clear milestones and timeline to ensure that everyone is getting the results that they want (usually that means increasing your profit which in turn increases ours as well).


Step 3

Remember traditional agencies get paid regardless whereas we only get paid if you do well. This is why we view every relationship as a partnership and focus on enabling every partner we work with to succeed.

If you are still interested to start the dialogue drop us a note at contact@unikornmedia.com and a member of our team will be in touch.